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Top Content Providers For Custom eLearning (2022 Update)

Summary: Developing custom eLearning courses to boost the performance and productivity of your teams is a brilliant idea. However, there are several challenges you need to overcome to get actual and measurable results. Here’s where our top list comes into play. We’ve carefully selected the best companies that can live up to your expectations. Plus, we’ve included insights and real business case examples so that you can get a better grasp of how custom eLearning can meet your business needs!
Best Custom eLearning Content Providers For Corporate Training
How can custom eLearning content providers assist your business? In many ways, to put it simply. Custom corporate training lets learners focus on their needs and helps them excel in performance. Personalization is key to the above. But that’s not the whole story.

Thankfully, the right custom content providers can help you create such experiences. In fact, by outsourcing, you’ll get to cut costs and development time because providers have all the means. That is to say, their SMEs can help make your training program successful solely because they offer unique expertise and skills to create custom eLearning experiences that stick.

But how do you find the best outsourcing partner for your organization? Well, one option is to visit all websites and start compiling your shortlist. Or you can select the leading companies, check their successful case studies, and start a test project to see what they can actually do for your business. If you have the appropriate budget, of course.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to all this trouble because we’ve made things easier for you! Our top list is a stress-free and cost-effective way to explore the best solutions out there, the ones that actually fit your company culture and your needs. Make sure to check out our insider tips to choose the right content providers for custom training. Our insights will help you evaluate vendor qualifications and training success stories before submitting your RFP.

Check out eLearning Industry’s top custom eLearning companies list to:

  • Evaluate vendor specializations
  • Investigate achievements in specific industries
  • Verify social proof by reading reviews and checking user ratings
  • Assess bespoke eLearning companies’ online training solutions
  • Compare eLearning content providers for custom training
  • Find the eLearning agency for your business needs

The most interesting thing about custom learning solutions is that they fill the gaps and offer ways to solve any issues. Plus, you get to use your existing content in the best way possible while bringing results with a solid strategy.

Let’s explore the best content providers for custom eLearning!

1. EI Design
4.8/5 (94 reviews)
Custom eLearning Solutions That Drive Performance And Maximize Training ROI
EI Design has two decades of experience in developing custom eLearning solutions that drive the performance of learners and businesses. They design highly personalized learning journeys that promote engagement and behavior change.

Contact EI Design to develop custom eLearning solutions that drive performance gain and maximize your training ROI.

Explore reviews for EI Design in our directory.


Cover Diverse Training Needs
Immerse Learners With Personalized Learning Journeys
L&D Advisory And Consulting Services
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2. SweetRush
4.9/5 (53 reviews)
Transform Your Organization With Their Custom eLearning Expertise
Creativity. Innovation. Collaboration. Experience. Making an impact. Caring about your success. Are these attributes that you look for in a custom eLearning partner? If so, SweetRush is one of the top custom eLearning content providers you may consider for your preferred supplier list.

Their eLearning design experts would love to learn about your challenge and discuss solutions!

Explore real customer reviews for SweetRush in our directory.

Extensive Breadth And Depth Of eLearning Capabilities
Innovating Learner Experience Design And Amplifying Organizational Impact
Culture Of Caring, Respect, And Commitment
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3. Learning Pool
4.6/5 (3 reviews)
Modern And Sophisticated Custom-Built eLearning Content
Learning Pool has a fresh approach to custom eLearning. They partner with their customers to develop training that makes a real difference. Most importantly, their training content brings high satisfaction rates. The company has one of the largest and most flexible catalogs of content on the market. Their team delivers highly effective custom learning experiences that can fit the budget of your bespoke project.

Their mission? Producing bespoke eLearning with compelling Instructional Design and gamification.

Take a look at some of the customer reviews for Learning Pool in our content providers’ directory.

Driven By Learning Theory
An Eye-Catching Toolkit
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4. MindSpring
4.8/5 (31 reviews)
Custom Solutions That Help You Tackle Common Pain Points And Inspire Your Learners
MindSpring is a global leader when it comes to custom digital learning solutions. They have a dedicated in-house team of creative and instructional designers. What’s more, their team has worked with top brands around the world. Their specialties lie in several sectors.

If you are looking for ways to remove complexity from your critical eLearning project, contact them.

Do you want to have a better understanding of why they are one of the top custom eLearning content providers? Read customer reviews for MindSpring in our directory.


Offers A Combination Of Exceptional Creative Design And Great Learning Theory
Impactful Business Outcomes Is A Top Priority
They Focus On Learner Experience
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5. AllenComm
4.8/5 (49 reviews)
Custom eLearning Built For Business Impact
These folks have extensive Instructional Design experience. True agency-level creative teams! Their expertise and innovative learning technologies enable them to build custom eLearning solutions that scale. Thus, they can build employee capabilities and drive business results.

Scale your workforce with custom eLearning solutions.

Make sure to check customer reviews for AllenComm in eLearning Industry’s niche directory.

Performance Consulting
Instructional Design
Content Management And Distribution
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6. ELB Learning (formerly known as eLearning Brothers)
4.3/5 (2 reviews)
From Banking & Insurance To Health Care, They Provide Industry Experts For Custom Projects
ELB Learning is a full-service learning solutions provider. They have an extensive learning arsenal with the right tools and resources to help anyone create customized learning experiences that rock.

Explore customer reviews for ELB Learning.

Learn more about ELB Learning and their impactful custom eLearning solutions.

Customize Templates And Assets To Create Training
Create Customized, Mobile-Friendly Games
Training Built Just For Your Organization
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7. CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions
4.7/5 (69 reviews)
Switch Your Training From Classroom To eLearning Rapidly
For 20+ years, CommLab India has been a pioneer in offering rapid custom eLearning solutions to Fortune 500 organizations, helping them improve employee performance through high-impact learning experiences. They convert classroom training material to custom eLearning courses and virtual instructor-led training (VILT), legacy courses to HTML5, and offer eLearning translations. Do you need social proof on why they are one of the top custom eLearning providers?

Go ahead and explore the vast collection of customer reviews for CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions in our directory.

Explore how they can help you reach business goals fast with their custom rapid eLearning solutions.


High-Quality Instructional Design
Robust Processes
Authoring Tools And LMS Expertise
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8. eWyse
4.9/5 (24 reviews)
Reinventing Learning Experiences With Technology
eWyse is one of Europe’s leading course development agencies. They use their creative team’s skills and deep experience, technical wizards, and in-house trainers to build engaging, fully bespoke learning content and LMS solutions.

Contact eWyse for more info.

Explore reviews for eWyse.


Creative Control
Process Control
Financial Control
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9. Kineo
4.4/5 (8 reviews)
Deliver Results Every Single Time With Exceptional Learning Content
Kineo improves business performance by creating a better workplace learning experience through custom learning content that is designed for results. Not just digital learning experts, Kineo are experts in how people learn. They can help you get the results you need, whatever business you’re in. Ready to get the people outcomes you’re aiming for?

Learn more about their results-driven approach to learning design.

Explore Kineo reviews in our directory.

Designed For Results
Personalized Learning Experiences
Digital Content Powered By Data-Driven Insights
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10. Allen Interactions
Creating Meaningful, Memorable, And Motivational Learning Experiences
Are you looking for an end-to-end performance improvement agency? Allen Interactions fits the description perfectly, as they specialize in custom learning and technology solutions. Their number one goal? Helping organizations like yours to achieve workplace transformation and human behavior change.

Check out their complimentary industry resources.

Read customer reviews for Allen Interactions in our directory.

Science-Backed Learning & Development Models
Future-Proofing Through Continuous Optimization
Focused On Performance
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11. Tesseract Learning
4.9/5 (25 reviews)
Custom eLearning That Promotes Optimal Performance
Tesseract Learning’s main focus is working with global organizations to help them keep up with change and drive innovation. They support teams to stay ahead of the competition by applying the right learning strategies to their learning programs. Thus, assisting them in building a workforce of leaders and thinkers. Above all, they focus on creating agile experiences and help better equip learners with skills that lead to big impacts.

If you want to learn more about their custom training solutions, you can always get in touch.

For more information on how working with them is like, take a look at customer reviews for Tesseract Learning.

Customized Learning Solutions To Fit Varying Needs
Robust Technology Solutions
Customer Delight
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12. Upside Learning
4.3/5 (5 reviews)
Creating Better Learning For Improved Performance
In the digital learning space for the last 18+ years, Upside Learning provides custom eLearning solutions through a variety of modalities such as eLearning programs, video, ILT, vILT, and more, to a global portfolio of clients. Looking for the right intervention for your organization’s learning needs?

Visit their website to view the complete range of their impactful solutions.

Need more social proof? Go ahead and take a look at the Upside Learning reviews in our directory.


Multimodal Experiences
Focused Learning Design
Consultative Approach
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13. Curious Lion
4.9/5 (16 reviews)
Cultivate A Culture Of Learning With Custom eLearning
Curious Lion is a Learning Culture Advisory firm working with high-growth companies to deliver custom eLearning solutions.

Learn more about the L&D role of the future—the Learning Culture Officer.

Read reviews for Curious Lion in eLearning Industry’s directory.

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14. Harbinger Interactive Learning
5/5 (2 reviews)
Improve Business Performance With End-To-End Custom Content Development
Harbinger Interactive Learning is an award-winning custom eLearning solutions provider. They deliver impactful learning experiences with custom eLearning and modernization, making learning stick and improving learner performance.

Learn about their innovative custom eLearning solutions that drive learning effectiveness, improve learner performance, and deliver business results.

Visit our directory to read reviews for Harbinger Interactive Learning.


Learner-Centric eLearning Solutions
Strong Instructional & Visual Design Capabilities
Authoring Tools Expertise

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which Top Custom eLearning Vendors Made The List?
How do you know which custom training companies align with your business needs and budget? Unfortunately, time is precious and many decision-makers don’t have the resources to compare them one by one.

That is why we’ve created this list: to help you simplify your vendor qualification process. By checking out our top vendors’ list, you can evaluate all the top contenders and decide who is ideal to ensure your L&D success.

The above list is a thorough guide that includes our top selected companies for custom training solutions in one place. If you can’t wait to start your custom learning project, our insights will prove useful.

All the experts who made the list are capable of helping you increase employee performance and productivity. You can rely on them to boost learner engagement, develop skills, or even focus on sales training courses.

Globally recognized content provider experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor’s eligibility. By checking out each eLearning company’s website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we’ve reached a final conclusion.

Our committee ranked the best content providers for custom eLearning based on the following 8 criteria:
Company’s economic growth potential
Company’s social responsibility
Customer retention
Customer reviews
Employee turnover
Learning industry innovation
Training solution content development quality
Learning solution expertise
After checking the list, make sure to read our tips. You’ll find all you need to consider when opting for teaming up with a content provider to create your custom eLearning programs.

Reasons You Should Invest In Custom eLearning Content Development
Are you still considering why or when you should invest in custom eLearning outsourcing? It’s understandable. Every organization is unique; thus, there are different needs to cover. Thereby, your training should reflect your company’s values, culture, beliefs, and processes.

That said, your training programs should convey your company’s image and perception. Not only among your workforce, but also when it comes to how clients, customers, and the competition sees you. Let’s face it; there is no one-size-fits-all remedy.

Here is when you turn to custom eLearning to save the day.

It would help if you opted for custom learning solutions for the following reasons:

Better branding
Personalized and ideal training for your employees
Tailor-made learning objectives
Hassle-free maintenance
Longevity for your learning content library
Custom solutions can give your training a unique form. By building a course from the ground up, you can work around specific software applications or core business practices. Customization is critical to align training with your business needs.

As a result, you get training delivery that is streamlined to your goals. SMEs can choose the right learning methodology to drive a direct impact on the work-life of your workforce.

Off-The-Shelf Courses Vs. Custom Content: What’s Best For Your Business?
Lately, there has been a shift in how businesses approach their learning and employee training ventures. Hence, L&D teams move from regular and mundane classrooms to modern and fresh methods of eLearning.

By doing so, they manage to develop conducive learning experiences. We have to thank custom eLearning content for that.

Plenty of organizations face the dilemma of choosing between off-the-shelf and custom content. Thus, L&D managers need to select the right solution that will make rolling out accessible eLearning courses easier.

When Can You Leverage Off-The-Shelf Courses?
Universal content
There are plenty of courses that you can roll out on more generic topics. Some examples are team building, negotiation, and compliance training. Yet, when it comes to company culture and behavioral change, you’ll need something more specific.

The urgency of immediate training
When your organization is in urgent need of training, off-the-shelf courses can work well. Mainly because they are readily available on LMS systems. However, if you need custom training, have in mind that there are several rapid eLearning solutions in the market.

Affordability and cost-effectiveness
Off-the-shelf courses are a go-to option for businesses with a tight budget. Mainly because they don’t require an investment of any additional resources. Aligning business needs with training objectives is key. So, think twice before deciding to sacrifice quality and results over training budget cuts.

When Can You Benefit From Custom Training Courses?
When you have specific training requirements
Custom content development is apt when there are specific training needs and prerequisites. Custom courses give you a fair amount of control over the content you want. Plus, you can also increase workflow and reduce wasting time and money by avoiding in-house development.

In cases where you need to use dynamic training content
Training needs can change over some time. Custom content development is apt for such cases as you own the customized course. Therefore, you can easily make changes at no additional costs.

When you need your training to reflect your brand identity
Through custom courses and mobile apps, you can express the story you wish. From using specific concept illustrations and colors to adding your company logo, you integrate your identity. Thus, you can make your content more specific to your organization. What’s more, at the same time, you get to promote your brand.

Summing Up
So, is purchasing a learning course off-the-shelf better than developing customized learning content? Indeed each approach has its own set of advantages.

However, it is vital to decide which solution would work best for your training needs. Plus, you have to think about which strategy would integrate well with your business.

If you need to create training specific to your needs, custom eLearning is a one-way road.

What Do The Best Custom eLearning Companies Have In Common?
Well-designed custom eLearning can have an edge over traditional face-to-face training. Being tailored to your corporate training needs makes it more specific. Hence, such training provides personalized learning experiences based on branding values, learner styles, and preferences.

Learning and Development managers opt for custom eLearning to adapt or customize specific learning needs. Thus, they manage to bring improved employee performance which is in alignment with their learning and business outcomes.

Most of the top custom eLearning content providers share some common ground:

Deep understanding of how individuals learn
Knowledge of current and emerging eLearning tools and applications
Turn real-world applications in eLearning
Offer adaptive, agile, and interactive training solutions
Ability to develop creative content based on quality
Proven success stories examples and excellent customer service
How Do Custom eLearning Experts Identify Your Business Needs?
Identifying the training needs of your organization is the most important part before starting any development program. You’ll need to assess the gap between current knowledge and skills while aiming to accomplish specific objectives. Here’s why content providers focus on doing a clear and thorough analysis of your situation.

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) helps you structure and create a winning training program. If your TNA is concise, your training program will succeed. Why? Because you’ll be able to face the shortcomings in your organization.

To help you find the right training solution for your organization, eLearning companies:
Analyze employee performance
Perform a gap analysis
Use benchmarking practices
Identify business needs
Assess training options for remote and in-house employees
Recommend online training plans
Set up a system of mentoring and coaching
Therefore, your company should conduct a training needs assessment to identify the best training program. That is to say, find a corporate training plan that addresses the right issues. Of course, all top custom eLearning content providers have TNA expertise and can share valuable insights.

How To Evaluate And Compare The Top Content Providers For Custom Training
The internet is a vast resource from tons of data. The more you search, the more you get lost. So, how do you find the ideal eLearning vendor to create custom training content for your business?

Certainly, the right match should have specific qualities. Thankfully our top list will help you narrow down your options. When creating your shortlist, do keep in mind that their content must be impactful and engaging.

The top customer eLearning content providers that will make your list should get that you might have specific requirements. Especially in terms of content and interactivity. After finding your top 5 contenders, make sure to:

Define your budget and goals
Clarify the timeline of your online training project
Visit free online resources to identify top contenders
Read customer reviews
Explore successful case studies
Submit RFPs to outsourcing companies
Review proposals and finalize the contract
Next Steps After Checking This Top List
The eLearning companies for custom eLearning that appear on this list have earned their top spot. However, you should still vet vendors to see who is the best fit for your organization.

Make sure to find out if they have the right skills and software. Test-drive their lines of communication to see if they are open and up for easy collaboration.

Before submitting your RFPs, sit down with your teams to conclude on what you need to fix through training. Personalized estimates will definitely help. Also, consider taking some test projects. The above will give you a more hands-on experience on who is the best outsourcing partner.

Complementary to this list, eLearning Industry has already published several Top Content Providers lists per topic. Take a look if you’re on a quest to enrich your online training programs.

You may also contact us for an LMS quote to find the best tool for content management. In only a few minutes our software experts create a targeted list of recommendations for your business. Simply provide us with some basic project info and we’ll take care of the rest!

Last but not least, we invite all custom eLearning content providers to add a business listing on eLearning Industry. Who knows, maybe next year you’re going to be one of the top list contenders!