Custom LMS Software

Custom LMS Development

Looking for an efficient LMS solution?

Riseapps builds robust software for corporate training, academic learning, and commercial use. Increase learner enrollment, retention, and course completion, or reduce corporate training costs. Meet all your educational business needs.

Learning Management System Development from a Trusted Provider

Riseapps uses a lean-oriented approach to minimize risks, save your time and money, and protect you from making the wrong investment.

Customization of existing solutions

Get the functionality your LMS lacks to achieve your business goals with custom add-ons or integrations. We can help you simplify your UX and make your platform more intuitive. Or we can give a facelift to your UI to reflect your brand’s unique image.

Turnkey LMS built from scratch

Turn your vision and ideas into profits with our full-cycle LMS software development services. From the discovery phase, prototyping, and MVP development to user acceptance testing and post-release support — we’ve got you covered.

Ongoing support

Rely on an experienced tech team once your product is launched. Beyond implementation support, we provide affordable maintenance services. So you can count on ongoing support, enhancements, upgrades, and technical improvements to your product.

Upscale and Grow Your Business

Educational sector

  • High student involvement
  • Reduced dropout rates
  • Maximum learning accessibility
  • Consistent and relevant content
  • Quick content creation and task assessment
  • Increased course completion rates
  • Higher content & course consumption

Corporate sector

  • Lower training costs
  • Increased training coverage of employees
  • Faster employee onboarding
  • Enhanced training efficiency
  • Greater employee productivity
  • Effective information dissemination across departments and locations
  • Higher ROI for corporate training programs

Get Inspired by E-learning Solutions Launched with Riseapps

We have been providing learning management system development services for over two years. In this time, we have built technologically advanced and commercially successful products for enterprises, educational institutions, and individuals.

Melanence - an e-learning platform for people of color

Melanence helps communities of color grow skills, build networks, and earn additional income. This LMS provides a content library, separate course pages, assessments, and a smart recommendation engine. Learners can also benefit from video player settings including widescreen/full-screen mode, playback speed, and subtitles.

A multi-faceted learning management system for schools

Our client made an LMS with custom functionality for schools in developing countries. The system consists of three distinct mobile apps: one for teachers, one for learners, and one for parents. The teacher app provides efficient tools for creating courses and tracking results. Learners can easily access course schedules and assignments. Parents have a chance to monitor children’s learning progress.

A language learning platform for individuals and schools

We helped our client build an LMS carefully designed for schools and individuals who want to learn languages on their own. Learners can profit from custom classes and rich gamification features involving interactive tasks, levels, and leaderboards. Teachers can take advantage of over 15 types of assignments, manifold lesson types, and course optimization options.

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