Digital assessment

Digital Assessments

Everything from formative, summative, wide-scale and ad-hoc assessments – SwiftAssess’s mission is to be the most comprehensive assessment platform in the world, providing different solutions for all unique assessment challenges.

Secure Exam Session

“A Digital examination system without proper security framework can ruin the overall quality of the exam process.”

Multiple high-stake security features including secure lock-down browser on desktops and tablets, AI proctor for remote assessments, on-screen watermarking and more.

Offline Mode Exams (ACU)

No internet connectivity? No problem. The Assessment Cache Unit “ACU” has no dependency on internet and external networks, offering enterprise offline exam delivery quality & experience.

Flexible Delivery Options

Online exams couldn’t be easier and simpler. SwiftAssess allows students to access their exams remotely using “BYOD” bring your own device methodology to allow students to access exams on desktop, laptops, tablets which can still have security options that maintains it such as the AI proctor. In addition to allowing students to take the online exam on and off the campus.

Cloud or On-Premise hosting

While we recommend cloud hosting on SwiftAssess or Microsoft Azure whether you are conducting in-campus or remote exams, we do offer multiple flavors of hosting scenarios depending on your organization's policies and preference.

Centralized & Decentralized Administration

Whether System Wide Assessments or Faculty Wide Assessment schemes, SwiftAssess enables you to conduct High-stakes summative assessments, or allowing teachers to conduct ongoing continuous assessments – e.g. formative including quizzes, assignments, lab evaluations etc.

Advanced Grading Solutions

Open-ended responses can be graded using multiple schemes and solutions: Online and Offline Grading Solutions Rubric-based Grading Discrete and Analytical Marking Grading Distribution and more..