Distance Learning Solution

Set up your LMS in a snap

Your L&D program doesn’t need to wait with the LMS that’s ready in just a few clicks. Either drag and drop existing training or use the tools to design from scratch, and start training your people by end of day.

Go with the LMS everyone can use

TalentLMS isn’t just easy to set up, it’s easy to use. A simple, clean interface means your users won’t struggle to engage with training. All they need to do is log in and start learning.

Host all your training in one place

Training doesn’t happen when all your courses are lost in several levels of subfolders. Remove hurdles from the track to training success by making TalentLMS your one-stop training hub.

Blend the learning environment

Self-led study isn’t the only option with TalentLMS. Essential Instructor-led training sessions can either be scheduled on the platform and happen in person or hosted via the native videoconferencing.

Gamify the learning experience

Take the monotony out of training by gamifying learning. Hook your learners, and encourage training retention. Points, badges, and regards will have your learners striving for first place.


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