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Summary: 10th time’s a charm! We are ecstatic to announce our list of top eLearning content development companies for the 10th time in a row – and this year, we’ve decided to step up the list game. Here are our picks for 2023… plus a couple of aces up our sleeve!
The Best eLearning Content Development Companies For 2023
Even though there are plenty of eLearning content providers, choosing a partner is a hurdle. Some deliver online course libraries, others offer virtual training labs, or even create either approach for individuals and enterprises. Sure, one can find course libraries around common subjects, for example, leadership or compliance training topics. Yet, there comes a time when your organization needs custom eLearning content.

These eLearning experts can identify your employees’ training and development needs so that your efforts are indeed effective. They can give a complete analysis of your training needs by analyzing all levels of each organization. That’s when you have to team up with one of the elite to bring the best results for your teams.

So, if you care to find out which are the best eLearning content providers, you’ve come to the right place. Every year, eLearning Industry evaluates hundreds of eLearning content development companies to determine which ones stand out for their long-standing, enterprise-wide commitment to eLearning content development excellence.

For several months, we scoured the eLearning landscape for innovative companies that deliver real value to their customers, continually improving their experience.

Which Criteria Determined The Top eLearning Content Development Companies
We chose and ranked the best content development companies in the industry based on the following 8 criteria:

Company’s economic growth potential
Company’s social responsibility
Customer retention
Customer reviews
Employee turnover
Innovation in the learning industry
Quality of eLearning Content delivery
Expertise in learning solutions
Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor’s eligibility. By checking each eLearning company’s website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we’ve reached a conclusion.

Best eLearning Content Providers: Award Winners, Top Companies, Watchlist
As you may have guessed, sustaining a consistently high level of performance requires unique capabilities. This is why this year we’ve decided to create a triad of special awards for these leading firms whose presence has an imposing impact on the eLearning landscape: the 2023 Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze eLearning Industry awards.

Of course, our list of Top eLearning Development Companies For 2023 is here as well. It is clear that these companies are motivated not only by financial success but by something deeper: customer trust and loyalty. These businesses have a strong, purpose-driven company culture and they truly take care of their customers. Plus, they provide superb eLearning products and services.

So, without further ado, *big drumroll sound* allow us to present you our Top eLearning Content Development Companies For 2023!

Platinum Winner: Top eLearning Content Development Companies For 2023

Extensive instructional design experience, agency-level creative teams, and innovative learning technologies enable them to build custom content for learning solutions that engage learners and drive business results. Do you want to leverage award-winning custom content built for business impact? They’ve got all the experience you need to make it happen.

Create compelling learning experiences that connect with your audience.

Explore reviews for AllenComm in eLearning Industry’s directory.

Their complete learning solutions are tailored, designed, and developed to meet performance needs and business objectives using their highly effective collaborative process. Hence, that includes performance mapping, design workshops, scripts, and mockups and visual prototypes. They work together in a four-step process to Define, Design, Create, and Drive your transformative solution to a successful outcome. All the above ensure their ability to meet standards for schedule, budget, and quality.

The AllenComm team has developed a cloud-based learning content management platform for creating, maintaining, translating, and publishing learning assets across modalities and platforms. Built on a collaborative design system, Designlab allows multiple users to work simultaneously within the program on content development to significantly decrease traditional project timelines. They provide consulting, customized training asset templates and instructional design expertise to ensure that clients are able to get the greatest value from their content authoring technology.

Custom Content
Their thoughtfully designed custom content is developed by best-in-class instructional designers using the latest learning technologies; including ILT, VILT, Videos, Simulations, Game-Based Learning, Social Learning, Infographics, Motion Graphics, Podcasts, Train the Trainer materials, and Microlearning. They work with the client’s team of subject matter experts to ensure quality and efficacy.

Achievements/Case Studies
AllenComm partnered with California POST to develop a custom Instructor-Led Online platform (ILO) that provides engagement analytics and real-time activities such as polls with word clouds and multiple-choice questions.

Gold Winner: Top eLearning Content Development Companies For 2023

EI Design
EI Design is a distinguished learning experience design company. They have 2 decades of experience in architecting solutions, driving performance gain, and maximizing training ROI. Their team helps customers transform learning and organizational competency. Do you want to create learning solutions that impact your bottom line?

Contact EI Design to develop learning solutions that drive performance gain and business results.

Read reviews for EI Design on our directory.

Rapid Upskilling at Scale
They will help you adopt the right learning strategies, content, and technology to effectively upskill your hybrid workforce and create a culture of learning.

Emotionally Intelligent Learning Experiences
EI Design understands and integrates learner needs and expectations to deliver learning programs that appeal to core learner values, driving deeper engagement.

L&D Advisory and Consulting
They work alongside their customers to ensure training investments drive learner performance gain and measurable results for the business creating a high ROI and ROE.

Achievements/Case Studies
EI Design has won 44 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in the last 3 years and has been featured in over 40 global ranking lists in 18 different categories. They are ranked #1 by eLearning Industry in the Top Content Provider for Custom eLearning list for 2022.

Silver Winner: Top eLearning Content Development Companies For 2023

Pioneers around the world choose SweetRush to help solve business challenges through engaging, authentic, and relevant custom training. With a culture of respect, caring, and commitment, they’ll earn your trust as your strategic partner. Now is the time for developing creative, effective, award-winning content—co-created by you and SweetRush.

Get in touch with SweetRush and discover a team with heart, dedicated to your success and to creating exceptional custom content!

Visit our directory to read reviews for SweetRush.

Custom Learning Journeys
Never one-size-fits-all; SweetRush designs effective training that meets learner needs and impacts KPIs, integrating knowledge, practice, reflection, and sustainment.

Fusing Instructional Design With Creative Design
Capture your learners’ attention via engaging storytelling and simulations, diverse characters, relevant visuals, and high levels of interactivity.

Breadth And Depth
Gold winners in 28 Brandon Hall categories, from microlearning to in-depth certification programs, eLearning to VR/AR. A team you can grow with and enjoy working with.

Achievements/Case Studies
An extraordinary track record of client loyalty and trust built on creative solution design. Clients count on SweetRush for effective and award-winning work (23 Gold awards at 2022 Brandon Hall!) across industries and subject matters in a wide array of formats and modalities

Top eLearning Content Development Companies For 2023

1. MindSpring
4.8/5 (31 reviews)
An Award-Winning Digital Agency For Training Content That Engages And Transforms
MindSpring’s mission is to inspire, transform, and empower learners around the globe. They create world-class learning experiences using the best of learning science. Their innovative technology and exceptional creativity lead to the creation of engaging training content! Their team of instructional designers and creative specialists work with top global brands specializing in gamification, blended learning, eLearning, scenario-based learning, mobile learning, Instructor-Led Training, learning application development, animations, and AR/VR.

Contact MindSpring.

Explore reviews for MindSpring on our niche-directory.


Combining Great Learning Theory With Exceptional Creative Design
Focus on business outcomes
Learner Experience
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2. CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions
4.7/5 (69 reviews)
CommLab India Designs And Develops Custom, Responsive Rapid eLearning Solutions
For 22 years, CommLab India has been offering custom eLearning solutions that help organizations achieve business results. They convert classroom training to custom eLearning and VILT, and offer eLearning translations.

Implement custom solutions powered by rapid eLearning for the hybrid workspace.

For more on customer experience, feel free to check out reviews for CommLab Rapid eLearning Solutions.


Instructional Design
Consultative Partner
Authoring Tool Expertise
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3. ELB Learning (formerly known as eLearning Brothers)
4.3/5 (2 reviews)
Offering Custom Learning Content Or Premade Templates
As a full-service learning solutions provider, ELB Learning helps with tools and resources for successful custom learning experiences. They offer eLearning developers and designers, templates, asset libraries, and so much more.

Learn how they can help you create content that delivers a better learning experience.

Head to our directory and read customer reviews for ELB Learning.

Customizable Templates
Mobile-Friendly Games
Custom Learning Solutions
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4. eWyse
4.9/5 (24 reviews)
A Bulletproof Framework For Custom eLearning Production
eWyse is among Europe’s leading eLearning content creators. Their teams of expert Instructional Designers and learning architects create custom courses and Learning Management Systems fitted for various fields and needs.

If you are looking for innovative eLearning solutions or just want to learn more about the exciting world of eLearning, visit their website.

Take a look at the submitted customer reviews for eWyse.


3C Framework
Content Immersion
Out-Of-The-Box Solutions
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5. Kineo
4.4/5 (8 reviews)
Achieve Quantifiably Better Outcomes For Your Learners And Your Business
Kineo expertly blends learner-centered design, L&D know-how, measurement, and data insights, so learners enjoy the most engaging and effective experiences. In parallel, organizations see better business outcomes. Kineo develops learning designed for results. Are you ready for a results-driven approach to learning design?

Learn more.

Explore Kineo reviews.

Design For Results
Data-Driven Insights
Tool Agnostic
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6. Allen Interactions Inc.
Creating Performance-Focused Modern Learning Solutions
More than ever, organizations are facing the need to adapt to rapid change. Allen Interactions empowers businesses and their people to adapt, improve, and succeed. Together, you can optimize your organization through meaningful, memorable, motivational learning and technology solutions that produce measurable gains.

Let them help you optimize performance.

Find reviews for Allen Interactions in our directory.

Custom Learning
Digital Engineering
Strategic Consulting
Staff Augmentation
The Allen Academy
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7. Tesseract Learning Pvt Ltd
4.9/5 (25 reviews)
Helping Global Organizations Be Future-Ready By Equipping Learners To Perform Better
Tesseract Learning works with global organizations to help them keep up with change, drive innovation, and stay ahead of the competition by applying the right learning strategies to their learning programs. Thus, they help their clients build a workforce of thinkers and leaders who are more agile and better equipped with skills to create a big impact. They provide technology-driven, instructionally sound, and learner-centric solutions to meet the learning needs of every domain. Tesseract’s team is powered by innovation and driven by agility.

Care to learn more about them? Get in touch.

Visit our directory to read customer reviews for Tesseract Learning.

Customized Learning Solutions To Fit Varying Needs
Robust Technology Solutions
Customer Delight
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8. Cinecraft Productions
4.9/5 (45 reviews)
Cinecraft Designs And Develops Authentic Learning Experiences
Since 1939, Cinecraft has been creating authentic learning experiences for organizations. Today the tools have changed; however, the need to be able to engage your learners with stories has not.

If your organization needs to create effective learning experiences, Cinecraft will make the process efficient and enjoyable. Visit their site.

Go ahead and check out our directory to read customer reviews for Cinecraft Productions.

Individual Roles
Business Outcome
Learning Objectives
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9. Upside Learning
4.3/5 (5 reviews)
Engaging The Workforce With Performance-Centric Learning Solutions
For the past 18+ years, Upside Learning has been a consistent provider of custom learning solutions for meaningful learning experiences; these include microlearning, performance support, and campaigns. Want a learning solution that positively impacts performance?

Find out how they go about learning design and performance support.

For Upside Learning reviews, don’t forget to visit our directories.


Instructional Soundness
Visual Appeal
User-Friendly Interactivities
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10. Curious Lion
4.9/5 (16 reviews)
World-Class Content Experts
Curious Lion is an advisory firm that focuses on learning culture with clients ranging from PagerDuty to Pinterest, Brex to Bolt, and the NBA to KPMG.

Pick your topics.

Explore Curious Lion reviews.


World-Class Experts
High-End Production
Deep Learning
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11. Harbinger Interactive Learning
5/5 (2 reviews)
Develop Innovative Learning Content Designed For The Next Generation Of Learners
Harbinger is a global tech firm that builds products and solutions transforming the way people learn and work. For 30+ years, they have been innovating alongside organizations in the people business while serving various industries. Do you want to learn more to embrace the future of learning and bridge content creation with technology development?

Create a learning ecosystem with Harbinger.

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Content Transformation
Custom Learning