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Claned is not your average online learning platform. It’s the only platform that includes built-in learning design elements that intuitively guide you to create better online courses. Regardless of if it is blended or fully online learning. We support course instructors and designers to create effective courses to ensure quality learning outcomes for students.

Claned also automatically gathers learning data from every interaction that happens on the platform, so that you can better understand and improve the effectiveness of your courses. In real-time.

Our online learning platform supports any type of digital learning. From corporate training to university courses, large multinationals to single expert course creators. Join them and start creating new learning experiences for your learners.

Supports all kinds
of digital learning materials

Built-in learning
design elements

On demand learning analytics
and performance insights

Easy to use

Creating your own courses in Claned is effortless. You can use any type of digital learning materials you want: webinars, videos, PDFs, VR games, anything. Adding your existing learning materials to our ready-made course templates makes creating courses a breeze.

Interactive materials and Contextual commenting

All learning materials will become interactive when they are added to Claned. For example, when a learner is going through a PDF, they can highlight any part of the text and post a public comment about it. This way the actual discussions can happen in context inside the materials instead of getting lost in a separate message board. The same goes for videos and other materials.

Social learning

The Claned online learning platform encourages learners to collaborate and interact. In a similar way to using social media, course participants can post comments, discuss issues and share notes. Studies have shown that learning together increases motivation and promotes better results.

White labelling

We offer a white label option for our online learning platform. This means that the platform will be customised to reflect your branding. You can have your logos, visuals, a custom URL and your own log in page. Making it clear to your learners that they are using your service.

Compatible with
any software stack

The Claned LMS (learning management system) is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud service, and it uses a REST API to communicate with your existing systems.

Setting Claned up is not an IT project. There’s no need for on-site visits. Our LMS is a plug-and-play service and can be accessed anywhere around the world and at any time. When you want to try it out, Claned is ready to rock in minutes.

Being cloud-based, you also don’t have to worry whether the platform can handle thousands of users at the same time, and there’s never down time because of system maintenance.

Cloud-based LMS | REST API | Ready to use in minutes

Track learning in real time

Claned has a track view that lets teachers easily follow their learners’ progress. With one click, you can see what materials each learner has completed, how much time they have spent on the course and what materials they might be struggling with. This lets you help the learners who need it and prevent dropouts.
Track learners’ progress | Prevent dropouts

Learning analytics

Claned automatically collects data from every interaction that happens in the online learning platform. The data has many uses from identifying learners at risk of dropping out to improving specific areas of your courses.

Most importantly, the data will show if your teaching is actually effective and the kind of impact it has on your organization KPIs and how you can improve your courses.

Data gathering | Data analysis

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