Online learning platforms for business

10 Training Platforms for Businesses

Training your employees using a training platform for business is important to keep them up to date with the necessary information and skills to perform their tasks effectively. Their valuable learnings lead to increased productivity and performance which is beneficial to the company in the long run. Here are 10 training platforms for businesses that managers can use to train their teams.

Training Platform for Businesses #1 – EdApp
EdApp is an award-winning free training platform for businesses that offers an incredible set of features to improve learning outcomes. Because of that, it is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious companies. EdApp is used by enterprises like Shell, Coca-Cola, and Mars to train their employees on a global scale, and its array of built-in easy-to-use tools and features is a significant reason for its appeal.

Training Platform for Businesses – EdApp

EdApp boasts of an intuitive authoring tool that managers can use to create their training materials, even without a background in programming. Another of EdApp’s remarkable features is its fully free, editable course library, which is jam-packed with high-quality content. This microlearning course collection was created by industry leaders from all over the world and is available for anyone to choose from, edit, and customize before distributing to their team members. It features a large range of instructional materials, with hundreds to choose from. You can find courses designed for different industries such as construction, IT, manufacturing, safety and risk management, modern business management, food and hospitality, retail, and more. Best part? You can access the courses on mobile devices, making it convenient for learners that are on the go.


Authoring tool
Editable course library
Mobile learning
Cost: Free

Training Platform for Businesses #2 – Violet
Violet LMS is a full-service training platform for businesses that helps develop employees through a sustainable learning experience. It offers dedicated guides depending on the type of training session you’re deploying, such as employee training, onboarding, sales training, compliance training, distribution training, and even customer training. This LMS also enables blended learning by assisting in offline training through features, such as an external tool for corporate trainers and a venue management system. Employee knowledge is further strengthened with interactive courses and virtual classroom sessions. With the adaptable training plan provided by this LMS, training consultants have access to a visual calendar of priorities and tasks, as well as track and measure results for each individual through a powerful reporting tool. Through individualized learning plans tailored to the needs of the learners, employees can maximize their potential and improve their performance.

Training Platform for Businesses – Violet


Mobile learning
Unlimited courses
Virtual classroom
Learning paths
Cost: Paid plans

Training Platform for Businesses #3 – Arlo
Arlo is a cloud-based training platform for businesses that allows you to manage all your training resources in one place online. It includes a course management software, event management software, and integrations to deliver training using different LMS platforms and other business intelligence solutions. It also comes with a dashboard where you can see real-time activity to make sure you’re always up to speed with the information you need. Arlo also has a lead management feature allowing people to register their interest in a course or event where live conferences and webinars can be facilitated. Arlo’s base price starts at $79 per month for the basic features and the price can go up to $185 to get all their premium features.

Training Platform for Businesses – Arlo


Course management
Event management
Reporting and business intelligence
Cost: $79 USD/month

Training Platform for Businesses #4 – Clear Review
Clear Review was designed to help you set effective goals, provide instant feedback, and have meaningful conversations with your teams. With this training platform for businesses, you’ll get a weekly report that shows the status of everyone on your team, saving you a lot of time. Its goal-setting feature allows you to choose from different types, such as performance goals, OKRs, personal development, and more. Clear Review’s advanced analytics also enables you to view detailed metrics and insights designed to help you understand your people and share data across the entire organization.

Training Platform for Businesses – Clear Review


Automated weekly report
Goal setting
Cost: Starts at £4,000

Training Platform for Businesses #5 – Whale
Whale is another training platform for businesses that focuses on process documentation and employee training. It comes with an easy-to-use editor, customization features, and several templates to create your training playbook, which can be automatically sent out to your teams. It makes use of a plug-and-play web extension to deliver training so it can be accessed on the apps they already use. To gain insight into employee performance, they have user skill profiles to determine employees who need additional training to reach their goals or get certain skills. However, to get all these features, you’ll need to cough up $119 monthly which allows only 10 users. They have a 14-day trial for those who want to test the waters before fully jumping in.

Training Platform for Businesses – Whale


Browser plugin
Knowledge insights
Custom integrations
Cost: $119 USD/month

Training Platform for Businesses #6 – Innform
Innform is a one-stop shop if you’re looking for an online training platform for businesses that can cover all your training needs. You can choose from over 100 ready-made courses or use your existing content and then have them automatically converted to a manual. It also features a built-in repository so you can easily drag and drop your files to the courses or quizzes you create. To boost engagement, you can reward learners with points, badges, and seats on the leaderboard whenever they complete a course. With Innform, you can always keep tabs with your learners as it includes tracking and reporting features.

Training Platform for Businesses – Innform


Built-in course authoring
360-degree feedback
Learning paths
Cost: Free

Training Platform for Businesses #7 – Gyrus
Gyrus is a cloud-based training platform for businesses that assists training managers in effectively meeting the learning needs of their employees and equally creating a meaningful learning experience for their learners. Its AI-driven features like e-learning and skills management tools are designed for developing personalized learning programs for various groups of employees. In Gyrus, training content can be delivered through file-based courses, videos, webinars, simulations, documents, and virtual classrooms, which give you more flexibility in planning an adaptable training strategy. You’re also able to instantly monitor the effectiveness of your training programs with its real-time data visualization and reporting.

Training Platform for Businesses – Gyrus


Various eLearning formats
Real-time analytics & insights
File-based courses
Cost: Starts at $300 USD /month

Training Platform for Businesses #8 – GoToTraining
GoToTraining is a mobile-ready training platform for businesses that helps trainers and other learning and development professionals create content and keep track of learner performance. Before starting your online training, you can gain an understanding of your audience through their custom registration where multiple fields can be added. To keep your learners engaged and drive collaboration, they have content sharing which supports different formats such as videos, Powerpoint slides, and more. To check on knowledge retention, GoToTraining offers an online quiz maker with polls, in-session activities, and breakout sessions. It also includes detailed reporting on session attendance, test results, and evaluations.

Training Platform for Businesses – GoToTraining


Custom registration
Mobile environment
Cost: $109 USD/month

Training Platform for Businesses #9 – Engagedly
Engagedly is an online training platform for businesses based on decades of employee engagement research. Its goal management feature allows you to align and track performance outcomes across the organization. Engagedly also has an informative skills matrix and real-time dashboards to help you track your employees’ competency, which even includes a talent dashboard for succession planning and future leader identification. If you want to perform regular check-ins with your teams, this platform also offers an easy-to-complete form that you can roll out to see their progress.

Training Platform for Businesses – Engagedly


Goal management
Real-time dashboards
Performance check-ins
Cost: Starts at $5,000 USD

Training Platform for Businesses #10 – SharePoint
With SharePoint’s training platform for businesses, anyone from training and development can manage employee training programs like a pro. From creating your courses and organizing events to gathering employee feedback, you’ll discover a range of helpful templates that can make administrative tasks a breeze. It also serves as a friendly platform where you can customize training events and keep track of the dates, including course deadlines. After completing training courses, the expertise and skill level of the learner will be updated in the database, making it easier for leaders and administrators to find the most qualified person for a specific task.

Training Platform for Businesses – SharePoint


Training development and monitoring
Feedback collection and analysis
Accessible training history database
Cost: Starts at $4,799 USD