Online Learning Platforms For Business

There are a lot of great online training platforms available today that will allow you to more easily train your employees. These are especially helpful if you need to organize seminars, lectures, online courses, or workshops. Online learning for business has never been more popular.

In years past, you may have had to pay a huge amount of money to a third party in order for them to properly train employees on certain matters. However, with the emergence of online business training platforms, there is now a way for you to do all of this in-house.

Yes, you might have to put some work into getting all the material and information together, but once it is done, it will save your business a lot of money on employee training.

Today, we are going to go over some of the best online learning platforms for business. These will allow you to better train your employees on company matters and also save you a lot of money over time.

See, one of the main successes of modern organizations is measured by how fast their employees can attain new skills and learn new information quickly. While there are dozens and dozens of online course platforms, I am going to break it down to some of the best out there.

What is an Online Learning Platform?
Also know as eLearning platforms, online learning platforms are information systems that schools, universities, and corporations use for teaching and training. This concept has been around a while, and over the past few years, it has become extremely popular in the business world as well.

There are actually a few different types of online learning platforms. All incorporate the same concept of making it easier to train and teach, but all of them may be used for slightly different situations. They include:

CMS (content management system)
LMS (learning management system)
CSCLS (computer-supported collaborative learning system)
KM (knowledge management)
These are all different types of virtual communities filled with students, tutors, and professors. To get more specific, today we want to focus on the company side of things and explore online learning for business.

For that reason, we will view the platforms below in the LMS category, simply because even though they are modeled for businesses, they are still relevant learning management systems.

Let’s take a dive into some of the best online learning platforms for businesses that are available today.

iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn is a cloud-based LMS that is very easy to use, yet full of functionality. It will allow you to easily create and deliver training programs for your employees fast and efficiently. 

The system covers an array of training needs. Some of the main focus includes new-hire onboarding and the ability to build complete, complex, step-by-step programs that will help provide ongoing training for employees.

All in all, you will be pretty hard-pressed to find a better online learning platform for business. Aside from all the above, iSpring also provides an excellent reporting engine, perfect user experience, and a mobile app for both iOS and Android users.


  • Learning tracks that make it easy to build
  • Built-in authoring tool
  • Create adaptive eLearning courses right from your browser
  • Integration with the iSpring toolkit
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Integrates easily with Zoom
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Gamification
  • Amazing technical support


If you are looking for an intuitive system that is cost-effective, then look no further than TalentLMS. The system gives you everything you need to train employees properly and also features eCommerce and Zapier integration.

This online learning platform will give you all the basic tools necessary to create presentations, videos, packages, and just about any other type of content imaginable. TalentLMS is also very good when it comes to social learning, as they will help both your learners and trainers stay in touch very easily.


  • Built-in tools for creating simple courses, quizzes, and surveys
  • Switch between user-roles quickly and easily
  • Integration with webinar services
  • Individual URLs available
  • Custom designs
  • Custom reports and scheduling
  • Multiple integrations with web services like Zapier


MindFlash is another one of the very best online learning platforms for business out there today. The platform allows you to customize all of your course content, putting you in total control of the entire thing.

From creating PowerPoint presentations to videos and documents, the system is loaded with functionality and provides the ability to easily track the performance of all trainees.

One of the more eye-opening features that MindFlash provides is the ability for scalability when you need it. With three tiers of use, you can move all the way up to the pro level and scale out if needed. The social integration features are also very good and the system comes with a free trial.


  • Train not only employees but also external stakeholders like contractors
  • 2-week free trial available
  • Excellent customer support
  • Adheres to SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standards
  • Course creation
  • Online learning management
  • Reports galore
  • Intuitive dashboards for everyone


If you have a need for both formal and informal learning, then Docebo is probably an online learning platform for business that you will want to look into. The platform will allow you to easily upload all sorts of different content types including SCORM and xAPI courses.

It also and has a simple built-in content editor. This allows for HTML page creation from both text and media. The Docebo system comes complete with a powerful AI, which analyzes all content that is upload and tags it with keywords.

Last, but not least, Docebo provides freedom to create what you want, but unlike some other platforms, it also gives you access to ready-made courses that have already been created by professional course developers.


  • Advanced content management
  • Built-in quiz editor
  • Create and share learner-generated content
  • Localize user portals to over 40 language choices
  • Ready-to-go courses
  • Custom reports
  • Over 30 available integrations

SAP Litmos

Another cloud-based online learning platform that employees and trainers can access through desktop or mobile is SAP Litmos. It has over 1-million users and has built this type of a following because it provides a built-in dashboard that is simple, easy-to-use, and very powerful.

The platform also offers a 2-week free trial. This way, you can get to know the setup, the system, and figure out how it all works and operates before you make a final decision. Finally, you will also be able to monitor all sales activity by connecting it to Salesforce.


  • Intuitive design
  • Free trial
  • eCommerce option
  • Track all sales 
  • Fast onboarding
  • Robust analytics
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Universal accessibility
  • Engagement and adoption

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