Online Teaching Platforms To Earn Money

Online Teaching Platforms In India To Earn Money

Online Teaching Platforms in India to earn money have reached a good mark. During the COVID 19 pandemic, work from home and online jobs have become very important in people’s lives. A new emerging rend in the online town is Online Teaching.

People can easily make money using Online Teaching, which also adds up to their skills. There are a lot of Online Teaching Platforms in India which provide enough money to a person with relevant skills.

Virtual learning has become the talk of the town nowadays. The students and teachers are highly comfortable with this mode, and it seems pretty difficult to resume the offline mode after almost 3 years of the virtual learning method.

What is Online Teaching?

Online Teaching is not something that is rocket science. It’s simply a way of teaching others through a virtual platform such as Zoom, Google Meet etc. It is a way to help people earn some good profit while sitting at home by tutoring others.

Many teachers, college professors and other professionals are using Online Teaching as a tool nowadays. But this tool is not only limited to qualified and professional people; students or interns can also use it to boost up their careers.

You need to have the relevant teaching skills and other prerequisites available to embark on this online teaching journey.

You can gain very good experience by taking up jobs in Online Teaching Platforms In India.

Best Online Teaching Platforms In India to Earn Money

India is moving towards the online era, and it’s indeed benefitting people in a good way.


Vedantu is a famous online teaching platform, and it has helped a lot of people to give a boost up to their careers. They offer coaching classes for Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc. and many different languages such as French and German.

Professional coaching is also offered, such as for NEET, JEE etc.

Steps to apply:

1. Fill out the application form

2. Initial screen test to assess the teaching quality

3. Demo teaching session

After all this, one has to do the other selection requirements, such as completing the documentation and creating a profile.


This is a revolutionary platform that allows students and teachers to connect worldwide with each other. It provides a fairly good opportunity to teach and to be taught.

Steps to apply:

1. Fill the registration form

2. Choose the subject you want to teach

3. Wait for approval

After the team approves your application, they’ll start the allocation of students. After this, one has to begin their virtual teaching job. Also, they provide a good setup with the relevant technologies.

Chegg India

This platform provides easy online tutoring and earning opportunities for many people who wish to take up tutoring during the pandemic. It connects people all over the world and has subject matter available for almost all the subjects.

Steps to apply

1. Sign Up

2. Online Screening

3. Verification

After you have been selected and the company has gained the faith that you have the relevant knowledge of your subject, they will start sending students to you.


It is an online teaching platform that works in many countries such as the USA, India, Australia erc.

There are no hard steps to get hired as a tutor. You just need to sign up and fill out the application form. After a live interview, they select you for the teaching process.

It is another site that provides good opportunities for online Teaching. It works 24/7 and one can set up their own work schedule

Steps to apply:

1. Complete the application form

2. Choose your subject

3. Mock interview

4. Training session

The application may take 1 or 2 weeks’ time and also depends upon your frequency in completing the above steps.

Online Teaching Jobs for Beginners

With the uprise of the COVID 19 pandemic, students and other people who wanted to kickstart their careers are worried about how to boost their professional life. Online Teaching provides such people with a strong opportunity to begin their careers.

However, Online Teaching Platforms in India are not at all free form pirates and hackers. Also, beginners need a little bit of guidance to start their jobs. So, here’s a list of things a beginner needs to know before beginning their Online Teaching Career.

Know Which Subject You Can Master In

You need to have a fairly good idea about which you can master in. No doubt, interns and students can teach every subject in a good way, but they need to have a good hold on any one subject.

Know What People Want to Study

Once you have finalized your subject, know the students you are going to teach and develop a good strategy to teach them.

Develop a teaching plan

You, a teacher, need to have a good study plan. It needs to cover the points such as what tools you are going to use, what strategy you’ll take up to gain the interest of students and others things.

Being a beginner means having the relevant skills but no substantial experience. Companies that hire online tutors look for something different in their employees.


If you have the skills to become a good teacher and that online teacher LinkedIn may help. Steps to get selected by a Tutoring Company:

1. Set up a good profile:

If you are a beginner, it’s obvious that you’ll not have any substantial experience. This is not a negative point for you if you show them your skills and achievements. To become an online tutor, you need to have the skills to do so. Set up a good LinkedIn profile by mentioning any courses you took in the same field or even your achievements in the subject that you are going to teach.

2. Find the relevant companies.

There are ample numbers of companies available on LinkedIn which help you get hired as a tutor. Search for companies that are hiring and develop a good resume for yourself and grab the seat.


Internshala is regarded as one of the best websites for beginners to give a kickstart to their career. It has internship and volunteering opportunities for many beginners. Steps:

1. Sign Up and build an Internshala resume

Internshala asks you to build your resume. Put up all of your skills and achievements to attract the hiring managers towards your achievements.

2. Find the relevant opportunity

Search for the Online Teaching Jobs on the platform and select any company which you believe you’ll get in and apply to the same

ProTip: Money should not be your only concern while applying. If you only get a certificate for your work, that will surely be a big point on your career. Beware of any fraudulent companies and apply only if you think you have the skills to teach.

Don’t think that volunteering can’t help you. It not only helps others but also attracts the big companies to which you will apply in future towards the dedication you have for your work.

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Online Teaching Platforms In India Salary

It is a big misconception that online Teaching can’t earn you a good amount of money. But, the fact is that you can earn up to 40k a month by tutoring online.

There are many platforms that provide a per hour salary of up to 2000 rupees and a lot more.

If you are a good teacher and receive good reviews, you can even earn extra bonus for your work from the company.

Here is a list of earnings you get by working in the companies already mentioned in the article:

Vedantu – 2000 to 20000 INR per month

TutorMe – 18 dollars per hour

Chegg India – up to 40000 per month

TutorVista – negotiable prices and based on work – performance-based


During the pandemic, the students yearn for talented teachers that will help them to study. Thus, the demand for online Teaching has moved to a new height. Due to high demand, many companies who hire online teachers have limited their options

Therefore, if you want to grab an opportunity, make sure you equip yourself with the relevant skills and achievements. Money should not be your sole motive. If you are a beginner and want to tutor for experience, try to take up the job as a good good opportunity for you and as a way to attract the future employers.

Online teaching jobs are overweighing the physical jobs. It has also been listed as one of the highly taken up jobs in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I earn money by teaching online in India?

Ans. During the pandemic, online Teaching has become really prevalent. You can easily earn a good amount by signing up on different websites such as TutorMe, Vedantu,, Internshala, OkTutor,net etc. You will find many online teaching jobs here. If you think you are a good teacher, apply and grab a seat.

2. Which online teaching platform pays most?

Ans. So far, in India, Vedantu seems to pay the most for its tutors. It has opportunities for students as well. There are other platforms for online tutoring also but it’s not easy to get in.

3. How do you get paid for online Teaching?

Ans. Online Teaching is exciting and fragile at the same time. Some companies hire you and then negotiate the prices in the beginning where as others pay you based on your performance.

4. Can you teach online only with a bachelor’s degree?

Ans. Of course you can. Some of the online platforms look for people who only have a bachelor’s degree and the skills. Even if your degree is not in education, you can still become an online teacher.

5. Is Teaching Online profitable?

Ans. Online Teaching is in Vogue nowadays and it can be very profitable. You can earn upto 50k by just teaching online for a couple of hours a day.

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