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Teaching has always been considered a very noble profession. Education and learning are very important aspects of any individual’s life. They help in building one’s character and personality and also aid in making a life for yourself. With modern technology and the way the world is moving forward with online education, even this profession of teaching has had to change its definition. From classroom teaching, the world is rapidly moving forward with online teaching because of which we see a number of online teaching platforms in India being available that are providing plenty of online courses and certifications for students.

These teaching online platforms also provide you with certain freedom and liberty in designing your own courses and choosing your own timings and class schedules. Online teaching platforms are basically a bridge between learners and educators. There are a number of online courses & certifications from top providers that these platforms offer to students. This creates a need for them to have the relevant qualified teachers who can take up these courses and offer and teach them to students.

Top 10 Online Teaching Platforms in India

So what are the various online teaching platforms that one can use to become an online teacher? In this article we have provided you with a list of online teaching platforms that give you the opportunity to work with them and make your passion for teaching come alive. Let us go through these online teaching platforms one by one and see how you can use them as a base for your teaching.

1. Up Grad

UpGrad is one of the top-rated teaching online platforms. It has a lot of students enrolled in a number of online courses, which range from short term courses to online degrees and diploma programmes. Online diploma courses are efficient and useful for any student.

You are expected to have in-depth subject knowledge, and good English communication skills to be a teacher at Up Grad. Having a passion for teaching and the skill to teach complex topics in a simple manner is also a valuable asset to have in your skillset. You can decide on the kind of work you want to do at Up Grad, you can choose from the various available roles like creating content for the courses, mentoring the students or grading assignments and resolving doubts. Each of these roles will have a different grade of pay and you would be required to sign a suitable contract with Up Grad accordingly. This is another best platform for online teaching.

2. Edureka

To be able to teach at Edureka you need to have a passion for teaching as well as the relevant subject knowledge in the particular domain. Along with this, you should also have good communication skills to have interactive classes with the students. Edureka offers you revenue sharing opportunities with your courses, which will make for healthy pay. You can grow and evolve with this online platform for teaching very quickly and progressively. You need to fill up an online form with your basic details, you will then go through a selection process and if you are selected you will be given the relevant training based on the methodology of Edureka. After this, you can start taking online courses under the domain of Edureka and also co-create content with them. This is one of the top 10 online teaching platforms in India.

3. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an incredible platform for online teaching and learning where you can share your knowledge and have a network of teaching professionals. You can help and aid students as well as enrich your own career, and earn a good amount of money while doing so. Simplilearn aims to create a platform where worthy trainers and industry-relevant experts can come together to create interesting, engaging and informative content for students. Simplilearn puts special emphasis on creating online courses in domains like Cloud computing, Big Data, Full Stack development and a lot more. This is one of the best online teaching platforms for teachers. With so many courses, sometimes students get confused, hence online course comparison can help you decide which course is best for you.

Being an online educator at Simplilearn will give you the privilege of being with an elite training community. The content you will develop will help to train students across the globe and propel their careers. Simplilearn vows to provide you with fair pay through its revenue-sharing model. To start working in this domain all you have to do is to fill up an online form at Simplilearn and wait for one of their representatives to get back to you.

4. Open Learning

This is an online platform for teaching where educators with an entrepreneurial mindset are capable enough to design and deliver relevant learning experiences to students. This platform provides you with an opportunity to make and market your own online course for active learning under its umbrella. They believe in the idea of content being king and want the best course content for the topic you are teaching. Open learning provides you with everything you need to create your own course, design it and deliver it as well as market it to the students. With the technicalities taken care of, Open Learning gives you the freedom to invest your time in making and delivering good content. Learning online requires the learning materials to be suitable for the medium. The platform encourages the use of video content, text-based content, files and images for the learning process of the students. It is another online teaching platform.

You can register on the website and pick a plan that suits you. Plans start with a cost of $60 per month, for one educator, where you also get a 30 day trial period. If you are interested in becoming a good online teacher you can look up some teaching and academics certification courses to enroll in and start learning.

5. Teachable

Teachable is one of those online teaching platforms in India for teachers where you can build the right course for your students. Teachable wants you to teach the students the way you would have wanted to learn. With this motto, they provide you with everything you need from unlimited video bandwidth to unlimited courses that you want to offer to the students. Teachable has the right to tools to make the classes interesting and interactive. You will have an opportunity to give live lectures to your students, you can also conduct quizzes for them and award them with a certificate at the completion of the course. The students will also give feedback on your teaching.

You can start with a free trial plan with Teachable that lets you use its core features for teaching. You can then move on to a paid version, the most basic of which costs $29. This is considered to be the best online platform for teaching.

6. Learn World

Learn World is one of the best teaching platforms online, where a teacher can create, sell and promote their online courses to the students. Learn World gives teachers a platform to monetize their teaching skills and use their experience to have a good number of students. Learn World provides you with the right tools for your video lectures and text-based teaching content. You can use these tools available on the website to make your video lectures interesting and engaging by adding transcripts, and quizzes and having a formatted table that structures the content. It also encourages you to make engaging and interactive content through interactive ebooks, videos and note-taking options available.

The aesthetic of the courses is also taken into account as you can customize and make pleasing themes for your courses. This can also be considered a free online teaching platform as you can start teaching for free using this domain and from thereon move towards a formal paid collaboration with Learn World to have better features from the platform. The various plans from Learn World start from $29 and go up to $299. It is another best online platform for teaching. To become a good teacher it’s also essential to have some progressional training in it, therefore teaching and academics certification courses can be very useful.

7. Course Craft

Course Craft is another one of the important online teaching platform for teachers. It is an easy to use online teaching platform that gives you the freedom and flexibility to create any type of course. It does not restrict you in terms of the number of courses you are offering or the amount of content you are producing for the purpose of teaching. You get direct payment on Paypal when a student enrolls in your course.

You also have the liberty to plan and schedule your classes according to your convenience. You are also given the option to have private courses where you can decide who has access to your course and the course materials. This is a good option for internal training. You can start on Course Craft with a free account where you will be charged 9% of your transaction fee while you will have limited access to the features of the platform and you can only offer 3 courses. With paid plans that start with $79 you will not have any of these restrictions. Teaching and education certification courses can come in handy for you in your pursuit of becoming a good teacher online.

8. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular platforms for online teaching. A lot of prestigious Universities and colleges have collaborated with Udemy to offer some lively and engaging online courses. Udemy also provides online degrees through its platform. But it’s not the only platform to offer online degree courses, there are plenty of online mediums in our times to gain online degrees.

Becoming an instructor at Udemy has its own advantages as you get to teach courses in your own unique way and have a lot of control over your content. You can have your own professional network through Udemy where you can gain expertise and earn well for each paid enrollment. Udemy aids you in creating your own course and curriculums and keeps you organized through their dashboard. No fees are charged from anyone for being a teacher at Udemy. You will get paid according to the revenue share model of Udemy. It is the best platform for online teaching, because of its brand value.

9. Podia

This is another example of the best teaching online platforms. You get an opportunity to earn through a lot of ways from this teaching platform. Apart from selling your courses, you can also monetize e-books, audiobooks, pdfs etc on Podia. You can also engage students with webinars, and memberships and earn from them as well. You can upload as much content as you want for teaching, including videos, texts, quizzes and a lot more. You can also offer membership to students and earn regularly from them by offering unlimited access to online teaching content. You can get started on this platform for free which makes it a rare free online teaching platform.

10. Engoo

Engoo offers you a flexible work schedule where you can work from anywhere and anytime. There is no pressure of putting in a required number of hours, you can teach as much or as little as you want to with the help of this online platform. Engoo provides you with the work lesson plans so you can only focus on your end of the job that is teaching. You get an opportunity to connect with students across the globe with Engoo. This online teaching platform also provides you with 24-hour support. To start with, you can register on Engoo by filing your basic details and then take an automated English test. You will then be contacted by the tutor recruitment team who will then send you your training material after which you can start teaching.


So these were some of the top teaching platforms online and their key details for you. If you’re really interested and passionate about teaching, you can take up any of these platforms and start working right now. Online learning has picked up the pace with the world going through a pandemic. The importance of learning and education can be understood with the fact that in spite of so many things being stopped, education continued throughout. We need to evolve with the changing times and use these online platforms for teaching to continue the teaching-learning process. You can also take up teaching and education certification courses to hone your skills as an online teacher.

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