Udemy education


Set staff, faculty, students, and alumni up for success

Fresh, relevant content supplements course materials, supports professional development, and helps students and alumni stand out in the job market.

Trusted by institutions from around the world

A smarter approach to learning

Learning paths

Create holistic, customized learning experiences that combine Udemy Business content with other resources, like your own materials or links to articles.

Custom courses

Our course builder lets you create your own courses using your proprietary content. Engage your learners with interactive elements like quizzes and videos.

Learner insights

Track learning progress, pay attention to trends and patterns in behavior, and know when to take action to increase engagement.

Prepare your campus to thrive in a changing world

Udemy Business empowers everyone on campus to keep up with constantly evolving processes, technology, and priorities.

Be ready for digital transformation

Make sure everyone’s trained on cybersecurity, and prepare your IT team to manage digital integrations, innovate across departments, and use AI to better serve students.

Equip staff and faculty with key soft skills

Skills like leadership, communication, and agility help staff and faculty advance their careers and work together more effectively. Diversity, equity, and inclusion training sets a foundation for strong collaboration across your institution.

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