Whitelabel lms

White label LMSWith AcademyOcean, you get the best

Make your eLearning platform a component of your brand!

Turn LMS 2.0 into a training portal with the look and feel of your company

You already have great branding. We'll take it from there

Your branding is your greatest asset — it defines you. We ensure that this is reflected in your LMS.

We take care of the following:
Providing an LMS with an intuitive and clear interface.
Handling technical issues.
Releasing regular improvements and updates.
Ensuring content security.

With AcademyOcean, you get the best

Training portals
with unique branding

Create an unlimited number of training portals with their own branding, language, and domain.

Personalize the training experience for each target audience.
For example, you can create separate portals for employee and customer training, or you can create personalized portals for large clients.

Manage all of your portals easily in one account.
Assign different administrators and editors for each portal.

We'll stay behind the scenes

Remove our name everywhere

You’ll get a platform that looks like a natural component of your brand, with no “Powered by” anywhere.

Email notifications

We’ll send all email notifications from a neutral email address or on behalf of your company.

Customizing your portal’s style is just the beginning. You can also create an individualized certificate design.

Use our modern templates or create your own, add your logo, and change colors. AcademyOcean has all the tools you need to do this.

Your learners will receive recognition for what they’ve learned, and they can share their certificates on social media.